Recruitment of Teachers

Teacher absenteeism and lack of teachers in schools is one of the causes of low levels of learning achievement in the public sector institutions. The Government of Punjab (GoPb) is committed to ensure that the requisite posts for teachers in all schools are filled, and that teachers are trained in accordance with a program of continuous professional development.

In order to ensure an internationally competitive quality education GoPb has approved a merit based Recruitment Policy 2013 for the recruitment of 29,822 Educators .The policy is based on the following principles.

  1.       Induction of best talent with relevant qualification, purely on merit.
  2.       Provision of need based subject teacher where ever possible.
  3.       Re-allocation of vacant post on need basis and provision of at least one Science-Math Teacher in all Primary Schools and one Science or Math teacher in all elementary school.
  4.       Provision of Urdu teacher in elementary and secondary level.
  5.       Provision of subject specific teachers even at elementary level having proper subject qualification.

District Governments are primarily responsible for the whole recruitment process. District Recruitment Committees (DRCs) and Complaint Redressal Cells (CRCs) at divisional level have also been constituted in order to assure the transparency of the recruitment process.

The more enlightened and distinct feature of Recruitment Policy 2013 is the introduction of Entry Test for the first time in Punjab. Candidates securing 50% marks in the entry test will qualify and be called for interview by the District Recruitment Committee.

As identified in the Recruitment Policy 2013 the process steps are as under

  1.       Advertisement for the conduct of Entry Test.
  2.       Conduct of entry test by any recognized testing service e.g. NTS.
  3.       Advertisements for teaching posts are to be issued by the District Coordination Officer       Pre-interview lists are prominently displayed in the offices of the DMO and EDO Education.
  4.       Conduct of Interviews by District Recruitment Committee.
  5.       Post-interview merit lists displayed in the offices of DMO and EDO Education.
  6.       Training of the finally selected candidates by Directorate for Staff Development (DSD).

In the FY 2013-14, out of these 29,822 allocated posts 16,282 have been filled and rest remained unfilled due to the non-availability of the potential candidates.

GoPb has further approved the recruitment against 18,470 posts of Educators (all categories).Further; the posts of educators remained unfilled against the allocated posts under Recruitment Policy 2013 will also be advertised under Recruitment Policy 2014.