Model Schools Project

Establishment of 110 Model Schools

The Model Schools Project incorporates 10 higher secondary schools per district in 11 districts of Punjab, with the vision of transforming the schools into organizations delivering excellence in learning. The project aims to transform the schools aesthetically as well as ensure availability of resources for learning. The chosen schools are being transformed into modern centers of knowledge by fulfilling their needs in infrastructure other paraphernalia for quality of delivery in education. The model schools project is driven by the principle that an inclusive environment for learning where students feel involved in the process of information exchange is necessary to achieve the desired results.

The 110 model schools project aims to provide a student focus approach to learning. The focus is on healthy social-emotional development by providing students with an inclusive environment and accessibility to resources. The aim of program is to provide opportunity to improve daily life and inspire new ways of thinking. Innovations like aesthetic experience of learning, functional science and IT labs, sensitivity to differently abled and playing fields enhance the daily lives of students and help create opportunities for their futures. Renewed aesthetic sensibility is an effort to help teachers and students think creatively, learn how to respond to complex and difficult issues and close the gap separating critical consciousness from human development.

In order to ensure sustainability the 110 model schools program is focused on a model based on community collaboration. The formation of district implementation committees - comprising of Deputy Commissioner, CEO, XENs and School Council heads - ensure engagement between parties. The involvement of school heads ensures ownership of the program at the demand end as well as a long term demand for quality of work delivery.

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